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Deacon’s Motorcycle in Gone Days Adapted to Real Life


PlayStation Nordic, the most recent character of Days Gone, the last of the PlayStation 4 games, was rebuilt in a real-life car, the most important tool for survival.

Days Gone, an action-adventure game developed by SIE Bend Studio, was presented to the PlayStation players on April 26th. Days Gone, which has an open world with wild animals, even more wild gangs and many other elements trying to kill you, has attracted great acclaim with its release.

The PlayStation Nordic team has rebuilt the motorcycle, the most important vehicle in the struggle for survival of Deacon, the main character of the game, in real life. Created by a four-person Danish team, each specialized in a separate field, Deacon’s motorcycle was adapted to the real life with almost exacting accuracy.

To make things a little harder, the team put an old motorcycle on the table and set a time limit of 48 hours to recreate. Sketches and technical drawings were carefully studied to create the most realistic modeling. The result is a great, functional motorcycle that you’ve seen in photos.


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