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Cybertruck mode for GTA 5 is coming!

Cybertruck mode for GTA 5 is coming!

Tesla recently introduced electric pick-up model Cybertruck now GTA 5’te show. Here are the details of the new mode for the GTA 5.

Developed by Rockstar, the GTA 5 first appeared on the shelves for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. The first three days of the production of $ 1 billion in the production of the signature was a big sound. In the following years, the game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was also available for sale, the industry has become one of the best-selling productions.

GTA V has been flooded by mod makers since its debut. Thousands of modes have been made for the game. The last of these modes is the recently released Cybertruck mode.

As you may remember, Tesla recently introduced the electric pick-up, which he called Cybertruck. The electric pick-up model, which attracts attention with its armored structure, was also brought up with its broken glass during the launch.

Cybertruck, who was particularly critical of his design, was also ridiculed in social media. It was announced that the pick-up model with its extremely sharp lines will take place in the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Cybertruck mode for GTA 5!

The mode that adds the tool to GTA 5 is not yet fully prepared. The production team said they’re at the testing stage. You will probably be ready to download Cybertrucks mode in the coming days.

You can browse the gameplay videos shared by the producer team below. In the meantime, let’s specify it as a footnote. Currently, GTA V is available in many digital stores at discounted rates.

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Gurmeet kaur
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