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Counter-Strike celebrates its 20th anniversary

Counter-Strike celebrates its 20th anniversary

When it comes to Counter-Strike modes, it is remembered that this project first appeared as a mode. In this context, Counter-Strike was introduced to players in 1999 as a mode of Half-Life. Valve’s child, now called the legend by most FPS severe, is among the favorite game of thousands of players under the name Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today. The FPS production, which achieved a serious breakthrough with version 1.0 in 2000, celebrates its twentieth age with a “classic harita map. 20 years have passed since the release of Counter Strike.

Counter-Strike release 20 years behind

Unlike a large audience who have been waiting for Half-Life 2 for years, Counter-Strike has continually improved modes and expanded gameplay. New weapons, new skins, new maps, new game modes and improved graphics to keep himself alive with tactical construction, celebrates his birthday with some of the most popular map: Dust 2.

As will be remembered, in 2017, a renewed Dust 2 was launched. This version, which is very popular, continues to be played by thousands of people today. A retro version of this battlefield, which is also one of the favorite maps of tournament matches, is now included in CS: GO. We recommend you take your place before it is too late. To get the retro version follow: Casual – Dust 2 Map Group “

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