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Coronavirus coup to Overwatch League

Coronavirus coup to Overwatch League

The plans of the Overwatch League (OWL) to become a truly global eSports organization have been hit hard. According to the statement made by Blizzard, it is stated that the competitions to be held in China in February and March are canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

In the announcement made through OWL’s official Twitter account; It was stated that such a decision was taken in order to protect the health and safety of the league management, players, viewers and employees.

The 2020 season in OWL would be the first season in which 20 participating teams will host matches in their city. There are currently four Chinese teams in the league. These teams are located in Shanghai, Chengdou, Hangzhou and Guangzhou cities of China. Each of these cities was expected to host at least two events. The first event in China was planned to take place in Shanghai on February 15th.

Overwatch League will start on February 8

Before the OWL’s decision, Chinese teams also announced their own prevention plans to combat the epidemic. Guangzhou Charge and Shanghai Dragons teams had taken preliminary season work to South Korea for security reasons. In OWL, the season will start on 8 February with events in Dallas and New York, USA.

OWL is not the only e-sports organization to combat the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. League of Legends Pro League was delayed until it guaranteed the safety and health of the players and fans.

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