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Complaints of NBA 2K20 Players on Twitter Trends


The game NBA 2K20, which enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting for some time, finally managed to settle on Twitter trends, but with a bad perception. Fans of the game shared the #fix2k20 hashtag on Twitter because of problems in the game and put this tag into trends.

The NBA 2K20 was released on September 6th. Although the game was published for three days, the developer team had to deal with the complaints already. The servers of 2K Games find it difficult to accommodate the NBA 2K20’s mass of players, and so the game crashes constantly.

Some NBA 2K20 players report that they are experiencing different problems with the servers. Most of these complaints are related to the crash of the game after the matches. Some players also complain about the deletion of the MyTeam roster in the NBA 2K20. Some players say that they cannot earn points or receive error messages after the matches they have won.

NBA 2K20 complaints came up on Twitter:

Such issues are issues that can be seen for most new online games. It’s hard to scale servers to the players’ wishes, and most popular games encounter connection errors when they’re new. Developer teams often face this problem, but that doesn’t mean that 2K Games can ignore the # fix2k20 tag.

The NBA 2K20 also makes it difficult for players to spend in-game spending, and as a result, players will stop investing in the game. This may mean that the publisher will suffer damage. The # fix2k20 tag will be enough reason for 2K Games to fix errors on their servers, otherwise players may get angry.


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