Claims That GTA 6 Will Offer More Than A Game


A detailed leak was shared on the GTA 6, which Rockstar Games is currently working on. The resulting information reveals many things GTA 6 will offer to gamers and gives a hint about the release date of the game.

The new version of Grand Theft Auto, one of the phenomenon names in the video game industry, is eagerly awaited by all gamers. Rockstar Games recently released the Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2013, and there has been nothing clear about the new version of the game since that day. There is no doubt that the game is coming, but Rockstar Games insists on not clarifying the issue.

To date, many rumors about GTA 6 have been raised. There were several allegations about the map of the game in the past, and after a while, some images including GTA 6 were served. Now, perhaps the most concrete leakage of GTA 6 has emerged. The leak was shared through the Reddit platform.

Claims That GTA 6 Will Offer More Than A Game

The owner of the post says that he received this information from the Rockstar Games unit in India. So if this information is true, the leakage is likely to be real. The leak includes details on how the game’s development process began, what it will include, its map, and tips on the release date. Now, let’s take a closer look at this shared post on GTA 6.

According to Reddit, the conceptual development of GTA 6 began in 2013, shortly after the release of the PC version of the game. By June 2015, the game development process was officially launched. When the calendars showed the summer of 2018, the company began to develop the GTA 6 at full capacity, and the Indian unit of Rockstar Games was assigned to some game-related issues. However, the main developer of the game “Rockstar North”. Also the code name of the game “Project Americas”.

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The map of GTA 6 will be much larger than the GTA 5 map

According to the owner of the shipment, GTA 6 will pass in Vice City. It will pass around the region on an even larger island away from the swamps, big and small cities, small islands and the main island. Also the swamps will be on the left side of the map, the cities will be in the center and the big island will be on the right side of the map. This shows that the GTA 6 will have an extremely large map.

GTA 6’s mechanics are similar to GTA 5 but much more advanced

According to the information in the Reddit post GTA 6 general game mechanics, GTA 5 will show much similarity with. At some points, however, the GTA 6 will be severely separated from the GTA 5, and these differences will be clearly visible to gamers. You will also change the overall look of the game under the time stream. For example, a building under construction will be completed later.

In addition, Rockstar Games has taken seriously the GTA 6 weather conditions. So much so that there will be frequent weather changes in the game. According to this, floods could be experienced in GTA 6 and even hurricanes would occur. Moreover, the events of nature, as part of the progress of the game will be presented. If this claim is true, it seems that we will be killed by a lightning strike while playing GTA 6.

GTA 6 may have beam tracking technology

Allegedly, Rockstar Games, GTA 6’s new generation of graphics cards in the beam monitoring technology wants to have. However, the company is not so sure about it for the time being and wants to test it. The company will conduct these tests through “Bully 2”, which is under development.

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GTA 6 release date may depend on Bully 2

As we just mentioned, according to Reddit, Rockstar Games wants GTA 6 to have beam tracking technology. It will also test this technology through Bully 2. However, there is currently no detailed information about the game called Bully 2. Therefore, the release of the GTA 6 is expected to be made by Bully 2 and Rockstar Games’ final decision on beam tracking technology. It seems likely that a decision will be made in response to the reactions from the gamers.

The end of the game will change according to the decisions taken

Rockstar Games did this in GTA 5. In some parts of the game, we were able to kill or release a person in line with our decisions. Allegedly, the end of the story in GTA 6, will change according to our decisions. This means we have to think twice about the decisions we make during the game – if we can play.

With this post, we were faced with perhaps the most comprehensive of the allegations made about GTA 6. The GTA 6 still retains its mystery, and gamers’ curiosity about the subject is increasing.

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