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‘CELL 13’ Android version made free

‘CELL 13’ Android version made free

The CELL 13 Android version of the popular Errorsevendev developer was released for free. The game does not include advertising and in-game sales.

The popular CELL 13 game, released by popular Laserbreak series makers for many years, has been made free on Android. The game, which is sometimes subject to gift campaigns, will now be completely free.

What does CELL 13 offer?

CELL 13 tells the story of a robot called Chester. Trapped in a 13-cell world, Chester is moving left or right to find the exit. In the meantime, there are many different obstacles and supports that need attention.

The CELL 13 game, with a total of 65 episodes in 13 worlds, has a dynamic that goes from easy to difficult. Considering the laws of physics, you need to use many support objects carefully. Supported by eye-catching graphics and music, the game also removed any advertising and in-game sales. iOS version is not available in our country yet.

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