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Capcom new game: Project Resistance


Capcom has unveiled his new play at the Tokyo Game Show. The production, called Project Resistance, will be a horror-themed survival game with 4-player co-op gameplay.

Capcom new game: Project Resistance

Capcom recently removed the fog over his new game, which he announced he was working on. The game that appeared in the Tokyo Game Show is called Project Resistance.

The company’s new production will be a horror-themed survival game featuring 4-player co-op gameplay. The company also shared a promotional video about the game.

Project Resistance will be similar to Resident Evil Outbreak, released in 2003. In the video shared by Capcom, the latest against the heroes who defeated all kinds of enemies, Mr. Resident Evil 2 we know. An X-like enemy emerges.

We will continue to keep you informed as new developments occur.

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