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Capcom is in trouble after Crytek: He’s been hacked!

Capcom is in trouble after Crytek: He’s been hacked!

Last week, hundreds of GB of data were leaked by hackers for Crytek, the developer studio of the Crysis game. Yesterday, Japanese company Capcom, the producer of Resident Evil and Tekken, reported that their computer systems were attacked by hackers earlier in the week.

This week, the same hackers allegedly hacked about 1 TB of important files from Capcom company.

Capcom is in trouble after Crytek: It was hacked

The company concluded that their internal systems were suspended due to external access to them, but the situations were not pleasant. Capcom has so far found no trace that customer data may have been stolen. The attack was noticed after it started to occur on internal networks affecting the functioning of email and other services where files are stored. Capcom has not yet fully explained which specific files the hackers accessed.

It is worth mentioning that recently hackers hacked the internal systems of Ubisoft and Crytek. They even posted the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion online.

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