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Call of Duty Warzone 6 season details have been revealed?

Call of Duty Warzone 6 season details have been revealed?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone 6 season details appeared at the end. While a fast travel system came for Warzone, new operators, cosmetics, maps and modes for the multiplayer option came within the rest of the game.

What’s new for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare

Map Changes

Metro Fast Travel: A subway, defined as a “dynamic fast travel system” that allows players to quickly switch between certain points, has been added to Verdansk. Subway stations have been added to the map to allow players to move faster. It is also said that if there is a conflict inside the trains at metro stations, they will not move.

New Mode, Weapons and In-car songs

Armored Royale Mode: This new Warzone game mode gives each team an armored cargo truck with gun turrets. If the truck is destroyed, the team cannot respawn and the last team standing wins.

New Weapon Purchases: Supply box rotations have been changed once again. Players will have access to 6 common, 10 Unusual, 13 Rare, 18 Epic and 24 Legendary weapons to be discovered with this update.

Licensed In-Car Songs: New in-car songs and tracks will be found, including Jack Harlow’s Whats Poppin and Grindin by Clipse.

New Maps for Multiplayer

Adds a new breath to the Gunfight mode by overturning this rural Kastovia train station where abandoned military cargo trains are located, where players can hide and climb over them if they wish.

Broadcast (6v6): Based on the YV station in Call of Duty 4’s “Charlie Don’t Surf” mission, this new map appeals to players who like close combat with its many narrow corridors.

Tank Factory (6v6 and 10v10): This new map offers two large buildings, a tank factory and a warehouse for players to fight. The size of the map will depend on the number of players in the lobby.

Verdansk Riverside (Ground War Map): This suburban map near the frozen Gora river is being brought into Modern Warfare multiplayer mode for the first time.

New Modes and Challenges for Multiplayer

Killstreak Confirmed Mode: Like the popular Kill Confirmed mode, it allows you to earn killing streak by collecting tags.

Gun Game TDM Mode: This new mode is a mode where two teams fight to reach the target score and your weapon is upgraded after each kill.

Headquarters Firefight Mode: Enemy respawn is disabled when headquarters is captured, reducing their points to keep the target.

Hardpoint Hills and Kills Mode: Gives team points to players with targets and destroys enemies.

Trials and Battle Lanes: Nine trials have been added with Season 6, including the Juggernaut Trial, Quad / helicopter races, and Free Roam side missions.

Season 6 Battle Pass

Instant Unlocks: When you purchase the New Battle Pass, you will be able to access the character Farah, a character in the Modern Warfare story mode, as an operator. There will also be an XP Boost, a Poloski skin for the Minotaur, and a Gilded Arm assault rifle.

New Weapons: Players will unlock the bolt-action SP-R208 sniper rifle at level 15 and the AS-VAL assault rifle with a 9 × 39 silencer at level 31.

They will unlock at level 100: At level 100 you will earn the Nikolai operator, the blueprint for the VSS rifle, a Halloween-themed vehicle skin, and a season 6 emblem.

Other content in the Battle Pass are: Gas, Domino and Ballet skins, Combat Knife blueprint, and numerous vehicle skins. Also comes the bat finishing act, whose name is Edward, attacking the enemy’s head.

Zombie Pack

Undead Forces:
Hellhound finishing move, Syd skin, and mini zombie charm for weapons.

Update sizes will be between 19.3 GB on PS4, 22.6 GB on Xbox One, and 25.5 GB to 57 GB depending on whether Modern Warfare is installed on the PC.

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