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Call of Duty Mobile is the first leak for season 11!

Call of Duty Mobile is the first leak for season 11!

Call of Duty Mobile is expected to be heavily changed with the update of the new season.

Call of Duty Mobile 11. The season update will be the anniversary of the mobile game. Judging by the leaks, CoD Mobile will launch a new feature for Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty Mobile season 11 update for Battle Royale

CoD Mobile is located in a different place from Battle Royale games with both Battle Royale and multiplayer combat modes and special scenarios that it has developed specifically.

However, the mobile game, which is aware of the importance of Battle Royale users, will bring character customization with the 11th season update of CoD Mobile.

Of course, in Battle Royale mode, character customization is carried out. However, judging by the leak, the mobile game will allow you to make these updates while waiting for this update in the lobby.

It is expected that with the new season of Call of Duty Mobile, some night mode will be added to the game. In connection with the anniversary of the game, it is expected that this new update will be one of the largest updates.

  1. One of the expectations of the season is the return of the zombie regime. In particular, due to the approach of Halloween, an important holiday for the United States, the zombie regime and similar regimes may be met with new versions.

“Call of Duty Warzone Mobile”. However, COD Mobile in the field of mobile games keeps secret why Activision wants to create a new mobile game for Warzone.

What do you think, RCD Mobile 11. What features do you expect with the season update? We are waiting for your comments.

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