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Call of Duty: Mobile How many million times was downloaded in the first day?

Call of Duty: Mobile How many million times was downloaded in the first day?

Battle Royale, one of the most popular game genres of recent years, attracts more and more companies. In this context, how many million times has Call of Duty: Mobile been released by Activision, the distributor of the Call of Duty series?

Call of Duty Mobile made a good start

Developed for both iOS and Android users at the same time, the first-person shooter (FPS) production, advanced game modes and conflict-friendly maps excited players. Keyboard and mouse support in the game, Gameloop Android Emulator makes it possible to enjoy keyboard and mouse.

In the beta version, which is open to everyone, the company officials, who take into consideration the complaints of the players, announced that all the problems complained were eliminated. Gun Game and Deatmatch modes, which are well known and loved by those who follow FPS productions, attracted millions of people to this game.

The popular maps such as Hijacked and Nuketown included nostalgia lovers. According to information received as of yesterday, the project was made available for download by everyone, the first day of the project was downloaded 3 million times. The new game, which has achieved a very high number of downloads, will also receive further updates.

What are your thoughts? Will other Battle Royale games be challenged against this game? How many users is he / she preferred within a month? We will get detailed answers about the questions in the coming days.

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