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Call of Duty accounts can be in danger!

Call of Duty accounts can be in danger!

The allegation of hacking Call of Duty accounts worried players. Activision, acting as the distributor of Call of Duty, denied these allegations. As the players continued their anxious anticipation, Activision posted a tweet explaining how to behave in such situations.

More than 500,000 Call of Duty accounts may be in danger

He published a guide explaining how players can make their accounts more secure by providing a link in the posted tweet. The actors stated that they do not believe in this sharing of Activision. Some players stated that all their progress in the game was lost.

Some people stated that the hacked accounts were more than 500 thousand. Activision then denied the hacking and security breaches and made a statement on it: We are investigating all claims regarding privacy. As always, we encourage players to take action to protect their Activision accounts.

No matter how many allegations, Activision’s attitude has not relieved the concern over many players.

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