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BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 Tournament Has Started!


The BLAST Pro organization, the third in this year’s BLAST Pro organization, has started the BLAST Pro Series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament organized in Madrid, Spain. The world-famous 6 CS: GO team will compete for the $ 250,000 prize pool and the points scoring system from the BLAST Pro Series. On the first day, 6 encounters took place in a single match series format. Denmark’s Astralis became the team who finished the day as undefeated.

1st Day Match Results

Cloud9 7-16 Natus Vincere / Mirage
NiP 16-5 ENCE / Nuke 
Astralis 16-7 Giants / Nuke 
Cloud9 16-14 Giants /Dust2 
Astralis 16-8 NiP / Dust2
ENCE 16-4 Natus Vincere / Mirage 

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 CS: GO tournament, semi-final, final and special event matches will be played after the group matches today. The team will win $ 125,000 and 8 BPS points. 


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