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BLAST Pro Series Became Moscow 2019 Champion AVANGAR!

BLAST Pro Series Became Moscow 2019 Champion AVANGAR!

In the big final which took place in 3-game series format; forZe and AVANGAR faced. Overpass, Inferno and Dust2 maps were selected. AVANGAR defeated 16-13 forZe as a result of the first match on Overpass. In the second match played on the Inferno map, forZe defeated 16-12 AVANGAR, equalizing the situation to 1-1 in the series. The last match on Dust2 was quite easy for AVANGAR. It was almost impossible to beat the 16-6 forZe and became the champion of the BLAST Pro Series Moscow tournament. MVP player AVANGAR of the tournament was named Dzhami ‘Jame’ Ali.

Blast Pro Series Moscow 2019 Tournament Ranking and Prize Pool Distribution

1.  AVANGAR – 125,000$
2.  forZe – 50,000$
3.  NiP – 25,000$ (+20,000$ event award)
4.  MIBR – 15,000$
5.  ENCE – 10,000$
6.  Natus Vincere – 5,000$


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