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BlackPink skins for PUBG Mobile shared

BlackPink skins for PUBG Mobile shared

A few days ago, the BlackPink collaboration for PUBG Mobile was officially announced. Details of how the popular South Korean group will take part in the game have just been revealed. BlackPink’s appearances in the game were shared. At this point, it is understood that PUBG Mobile is planning to attract the fans of the group to the game.

How will PUBG Mobile BlackPink skins be?

Different themes are offered for PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile, which brings many innovations to reach more users, is now partnering with the famous K-pop group BlackPink. Collaborations were also made with Alan Walker and Godzilla: King of The Monsters and The Walking Dead before.

BlackPink; It consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, and the game features these names and characters. PUBG Mobile, who shares the views of the band members in the game, has previously featured the song Playing With Fire of the same group in the game. Here are the names of the group members in the game and their appearance:

Rose’s ID is 51009801702 and her IGN is RoséPUBGM

Lisa’s ID is 51009791380 and her in-game name is LisaPUBGM

Jennie’s ID is 51009797582 and username is JenniePUBGM

Jisoo’s ID is 51009780171 and its in-game alias is JisooPUBGM

Group members, who have no records in the game for now, are expected to participate in the matches in the coming days.

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