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Bethesda games will come to Sony and Nintendo consoles

Bethesda games will come to Sony and Nintendo consoles

Microsoft has made some statements about Bethesda, which it recently purchased. It seems that Bethesda games will also come to PS5 and Switch.

Balances in the gaming industry started to change. As you may remember, Microsoft recently bought Zenimax. The important thing here is that Zenimax is the parent company of Bethesda, the producer of Skyrim, Doom and many other popular games.

Naturally, this means, albeit indirectly. Bethesda’s new games may not be coming to Sony and Nintendo consoles. As you know, neither Nintendo nor Sony publishes the games they have prepared by their studios for competing consoles.

But Microsoft seems to follow a different path than its competitors. Because it shows in the last statements.

Important statement for Bethesda games

Microsoft made a brief statement on the subject. He announced that the games developed by Tim Stuart Betheda, one of the important names of the company, will appear on the best Microsoft consoles.

This actually means this. Microsoft may keep Bethesda’s games exclusive to their consoles for a while in the first place. But then these games will also come to Sony and Nintendo consoles.

Or some of the additional content that will be released for the game may be specific to Microsoft platforms. We will wait and see this. It’s too early to comment on this topic for now. But this is for sure. Microsoft does not make a very competitive appearance on the game side. Of course we will still wait and see.

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