Beckham Will Earn More From His Football Time With FIFA 21


Former football player David Beckham, 45, will soon be added to FIFA 21 as an “icon”. According to the information shared, Beckham has signed a high-budget deal with EA to become the cover star of FIFA 21, which he could not sign with any football club in his active football life.

David Beckham, one of the most iconic names in the history of football, is one of the names that has become a football brand by going beyond an ordinary footballer with his successes, unforgettable goals and style. The English football legend is preparing to return to the green fields with FIFA 21, albeit digitally.

One of the most popular football games, FIFA, in the game mode called Ultimate Team, includes the legend football players as “icons” as well as the athletes who continue their active football life. Gamers can already play with soccer legends like Zidane, Ronaldo (El Fenomeno), Maldini in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team mode, and David Beckham will be added to the list starting December 15.

David Beckham will earn more than active footballers thanks to FIFA

Beckham Will Earn More From His Football Time With FIFA 21

Beckham will be the cover star of a FIFA game for the first time since 1998, and the former star footballer will earn a higher income as a cover star in FIFA games than most active star footballers, according to reports by British news website Mirror.

According to unofficial information, Electronic Arts has made a £ 40 million three-year deal to turn the 45-year-old former footballer into the cover star. Beckham had never signed such a “valuable” deal with any sports club, even in his active footballing life.

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Beckham earned £ 25 million for a maximum of 5 years as a footballer

Beckham Will Earn More From His Football Time With FIFA 21

According to the information reported by Mirror, EA initially went to Beckham with a £ 30 million deal for 3 years. However, the deal was realized at the request of Beckham for £ 40 million. Even with Los Angeles Galaxy, which was said to go roughly “for the money,” Beckham had a £ 25 million deal for 5 years.

By the way; Let us mention that David Beckham will have three different icon cards in FIFA 21. Beckham’s best card in FIFA 21 will have an overall rating of 92 and will feature 95 passes, 87 shots, and 88 dribbles.

David Beckham, in his Instagram post announcing that he will be coming to FIFA 21 with icon cards, said, “I am proud to be back to EA Sports with the FIFA 21 Beckham Edition cover. I’m excited to return as an icon with some of my former teammates. ” used the expressions.

Video released by FIFA 21 for David Beckham

Beckham Will Earn More From His Football Time With FIFA 21

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