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An amazing description about PlayStation 5


The eighth console generation continues to slowly develop new consoles of full throttle manufacturers while filling the term. Now there is a very pleasant information about PlayStation 5. Sony is one of Sony’s leading names, John Kodera.

With the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5, PS5 players can play the same games as PlayStation 4 players.

An amazing description about PlayStation 5

So if you’re still playing games on PlayStation 4 in the next generation, you’ll be able to play back supported games with PlayStation 5 players. Kodera does not give any details on how this system works, he said that the cross-platform is very important for them. In recent weeks, Microsoft and Sony have announced that they are partners in cloud-based gaming systems.

The new generation of consoles, which are expected to go a long way in terms of hardware, will approach the technical performance of PCs in their early periods. Finally, we will introduce Microsoft’s new console at E3 2019. Are you excited about the new generation of consoles? Don’t forget to comment on your ideas!

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