All GTA rumors, which are real and which are fake?

All GTA rumors, which are real and which are fake?

GTA 5 entered its sixth year last week. Before the launch of the game, there were many rumors as in GTA 6. Although the rumors about GTA 6 are circulating in the middle of nowadays, which of them can be real, which can remain at the level of gossip? Curious for now. In our article on GTA rumors, we look closely at the rumors about GTA 5 and which of them were realized. This information can also be a projection for GTA 6-related information.

How true were the rumors about the GTA 5 before the game was released?

GTA Gossip: GTA 5 Crazy Police Officer Claim

There was a rumor of a police officer who appeared in many places (in forums and fan pages of the game) before the GTA 5 appeared. Though the ideas vary according to the sites, the common idea was that players could play a police officer. Although the idea of ​​controlling a novice police officer in Los Santos or LA seemed fun, this claim did not materialize.

But of course this was not the only rumor. Alongside this rumor, another popular rumor was the idea of ​​starting a family. The claim that appeared in the first trailer of the game was rumored to be Albert De Silva of Vice City, who settled to have children in Los Santos, but later turned out to be a fallacy.

A classic leaked game maps

As is known, maps are very important in open world games and online games. The same goes for Rockstar games. GTA maps are also very detailed.

Because of the curiosity on the GTA 5 front, we saw the ‘leaked’ news in the maps section. Some of these maps seemed really reasonable, but none of these maps were real maps. Most of them were maps created by fans through Photoshop that were not actually a leak.

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Most of the rumors are too good to be true.

Many rumors and “leaks” that emerged before the GTA 5 was officially released and later released contained surprising and at the same time unrealistic details. For this reason, many leaks raised about the GTA 5 could actually remain as claimed.

Leaks about GTA 6

Similar claims are now being made for GTA 6. Of course, the accuracy of these claims is doubtful. The details of the release date of the game is not given to the rumors of these rumors thoroughly.

First of all, there are no predictions or hints about the release date of GTA 6. But there is a lot of gossip about the game when there isn’t even any information about whether or not it will come out. At the Rockstar Games headquarters in Edinburgh, the poster for Red Dead Redemption 2 was removed recently. This is the GTA 6, I wonder if he was coming. But this is not the case yet.

GTA 6 may be inspired by Narcos

We can say that the leaks thrown about the game are fun but on the one hand it becomes frustrating. According to another rumor, the story of the game will be based on a hero named Ricardo. This story, which is claimed to be inspired by Narcos, Netflix’s original series, is thought to give a different atmosphere.

Some of his emerging posters are among the GTA 6 forecasts, and another rumor is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Although this is the most interesting claim among the rumors, we can still say that it continues to follow many audiences. According to the same rumor, players, GTA 6, Liberty City and Vice City will be given the opportunity to travel between many major cities.

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The most important new game rumor came from the YouTube channel The Know. An internal source claims that GTA 6 is the future of 2021-2022 and was developed under the code name Project Americas. The reason for this codename is that it includes a mode in which players can fly between the US and South America. But the game is said to be largely spent in Vice City.

What is known about GTA 6

What we know about GTA 6 is the idea that it is possible to get involved in the game even if it is in the beginning. In an interview for Develop magazine in 2013, Leslie Benzies, President of Rockstar, commented on the game: uz We don’t know what GTA 6 is going to be, but we have some ideas. Bu still can not give an idea.

Other claims are as follows:

The future of a new female character (can be),
GTA 6 can be played with VR,
The future of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling,
Saints Rows-like ”time warp” mode (unlikely to arrive)
Directing the character as a police or criminal (possibly)

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