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Accidental Disclosure of Personal Data from Thousands of E3 Participants

Accidental Disclosure of Personal Data from Thousands of E3 Participants

In recent years, we have been witnessing news about theft of personal data. Against these news that remind us of the importance of personal data every time, the information that emerges today confuses those who see it. ES3, the organizer of E3, published the personal data of the participants publicly on its website.

At certain times of the year, we witness collective events and fairs in which technology leaders announce their new products and new technologies to the masses worldwide. One of the best known among these fairs, the E3 came up with a big scandal. The center of the scandal is the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which organizes the E3 Gaming Conference.

ESA’s official website has discovered a document that can be accessed without requiring any special authorization. This document contains the personal information of the E3 Gaming Conference participants.

It is said that the information shared publicly belongs to people who print the badge for the E3 Conference. The personal information published is as follows:

Phone number
Home address

The document discovered by Sophia Narwitz, who writes about the games, poses a real danger. Narwitz immediately reported the problem to ESA on both phone and e-mail, saying that this document was removed from the website, but that no return had been received.

Persons participating in E3 and in particular issuing a name badge should consider the possibility that their personal data may have been received by malicious persons. In this respect, if no other important information is published, the change of the telephone number is of great importance.


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