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A short promotional video was released for GTA Online!

A short promotional video was released for GTA Online!

Rockstar Games released a short promotional video for GTA Online from their official social media accounts. Many players think an island will come with the expansion pack in the video released.

GTA Online promo video

Rockstar Games continues to update GTA Online. He also released a video about the upcoming update. The video released first shows a watchtower, and the environment in which the tower is located appears to be a tropical zone.

Also, the part where the tower is shown is almost instantaneous, but the island map on the right has not escaped the eyes of Rockstar Games followers.

The published image also shows buildings that are not on the current map in the game. The image of the buildings resembles architectural designs found in tropical regions. Perhaps Rockstar Games is considering adding a different island to the game along with the new update.

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