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A new gameplay video has been released for Half-Life: Alyx


In the meantime, we got new news from Steam and Valve fronts about different topics.

A new gameplay for Half-Life: Alyx, developed by Valve for Steam VR, has been released. This gameplay video alone doesn’t come directly from within the game; we see someone playing the game with the title of virtual realism and the off-screen look is reflected. You can also see these images from the video above. Unfortunately there is nothing extra to say about this video game; In the rest of this article, we will give you a few different information from the Valve and Steam front.

A new gameplay video has been released for Half-Life: Alyx

The only information we can give you is not about Half-Life: Alyx.

Valve, as you know, eager to develop video games again. That’s how we see a new Half-Life game. When this game was announced, we learned that the team of Campo Santo, who previously developed the game Firewatch, will work with Valve. In fact, Campo Santo had already been purchased by Valve, but the team was working on their own projects. Obviously Valve wanted the Campo Santo team on their own projects, and the development of the game In the Valley of Gods has slowed down.

Today we have learned that the development of the game In the Valley of Gods has completely stopped. Valve and Campo Santo did not explicitly cancel this video game; As we said, only a break was given to the development process. Probably the reason for this break is Half-Life: Alyx. If there was not enough work force on the Campo Santo front right now, it would be very difficult for a small team to develop any video game. You see, after this project, the team goes back to work.

In addition, we learned from a statement from Valve that significant improvements have been made for the Winter Sale 2019 campaign on Steam. For example, you can now earn Token on more payment paths and animated stickers have no time limit. So, the animated stickers won will stay with you forever. However, the effects of chat rooms no longer have a time limit; There will be only limit to use.

Before we end our news, we want to talk about a game that will come to the Steam platform. This game, of course Fallout 76. According to Bethesda, this video game will be released on Steam in 2020. For now, it is not clear which month or day this unsuccessful video game will come to the Steam platform, and we cannot predict what Bethesda will do with the server, but we look forward to the next steps.


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