5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out

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The Max Payne series, which brought the slow motion shooting feature to the game world with the Bullet Time feature, could not achieve the expected effect with Max Payne 3 after the first two successful games. The game industry has changed a lot in the long years since the release of the third game. While the future of the Max Payne franchise is still unknown, fans of the series are waiting for a new Max Payne game. So what do we know about Max Payne 4?

The Max Payne series, which made a great impact in the game world when it first debuted in 2001 and used the movie noir atmosphere of the 1970s and 80s in a game that has not been done before, has been making a name for almost 20 years. The Max Payne series, which achieved great success with the first two games, also helped Remedy Entertainment to become popular in the game world.

In the long years since the last Max Payne game, the game industry has changed a lot. Remedy and Rockstar companies, which produced and distributed the Max Payne series, were naturally affected by this change. Despite all this, the Max Payne series, which is still spoken, has divided the game world in the Max Payne 4 sequel. Will Max Payne 4 be released accordingly? Or is the Max Payne series now completely shelved? We take a closer look.

Max Payne was saying goodbye to his fans and the game world in the last game:

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out
5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out

If you’ve played all the games of the Max Payne series, you may have noticed that Max Payne 2 was actually the game with the perfect ending to the series. At the end of the second game, Max Payne overcame the pain of losing loved ones and realized he could love again. This situation would perhaps be the best end for a production with “film noir” effects. However, as Max Payne’s name alone was making money, the producers decided on the third game, which naturally failed.

If we keep talking about the endings, in Max Payne 3, our character was given a very smooth ending, although not as much as the second game. In fact, this ending has been processed in a rather closed way. At the end of the third game, Max Payne learned that the organ mafia has completely defeated and his main enemy in the game has been neutralized in prison. With these, for the first time in a long time, Max Payne has no enemy left in his way.

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Max Payne, with no more revenge left to take, walks along a quiet beach towards the sunset at the end of the third game, and naturally Max Payne’s story finally ends at this point. The general opinion is that Max Payne will not be able to return from this point anymore, and even if he does, he will be absurd and out of place.

Max Payne does not fit Rockstar Games’ concept of “service game”:

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out 1

Although Rockstar Games has released many games so far, as you can guess, the real money found in the streets of Los Santos with GTA V. With over 90 million sales, GTA V is still the world’s most profitable entertainment product today. One of the biggest reasons for this, although GTA V is a single player game in terms of storytelling, GTA Online is the multiplayer version of the game that is highly important.

Rockstar Games has been making minor interventions in the vibrant and fluid world of GTA V since the game’s debut, and it still manages to keep the game on the bestseller list for many years since its debut. When we look at Max Payne, Max Payne appears as the single player game of our hearts. Although there have been several multiplayer trials in the Max Payne series in the past, this has never been emphasized, because Max Payne was not in the way of having an online world by nature.

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out 2

The combination of Max Payne’s world and storytelling with an online world sounds rather strange and misplaced. Even when you consider using Bullet Time in an open world with hundreds of players, things get even more awkward. For all these reasons, it is very likely that Rockstar is not interested in making a Max Payne game that they cannot “serve” players for many years.

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GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 consume a lot of resources:

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out 3

Although years have passed since the launch of GTA V, Rockstar Games still has almost the entire team tasked with this game to keep the GTA Online side fresh and interesting. And when Red Dead Online is added on top of this busy pace, things really get a little out of the way.

The Rockstar team, two huge online games that have to keep fresh in their hands, is considered impossible to start a new game anytime soon, which would probably be GTA VI even if the team were to make a new game. By the way, Rockstar; it looks like it will use all of its resources for a longer period of time to keep the two coin printing machines in operation.

Max Payne 4’s biggest obstacle: sales guarantee

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out 4

One of the biggest misfortunes that happened to the Max Payne series was that Max Payne 3 fell well behind the expected sales figures. If Max Payne 3 had reached the expected sales figures and provided the money flow to the companies, we would most likely be playing Max Payne 4 today instead of GTA Online or Red Dead Online. Unfortunately, Max Payne 3 couldn’t sell enough copies to keep the name of the series going.

When the calendars showed the month of May 2012, the third and last game of the very popular and great success Max Payne series was released. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two had high expectations from Max Payne 3. But towards the second half of 2012, Take-Two announced that they had made $ 110 million in losses, and Max Payne 3 shouldered nearly all the blame. The fact that Max Payne’s name was not mentioned again in the long years after this failure shows that Take-Two does not want to play the same gamble with Max Payne 4.

Rockstar Games follows the “Less game, less risk” logic:

5 important details that made Max Payne 4 difficult to get out 5

Rockstar Games, which released dozens of games until 2013, realized that with the help of the pressure from Take-Two, the two games they had could actually earn them quite a lot of money and started to act with the “less games, less risk” mentality.

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Until GTA V, both inside and outside the studio; Bully, L.A. The game policy of Rockstar, which released many strange games such as Noire, The Warriors, Smuggler’s Run, and so on, began to change day by day. The Max Payne series, which disappeared amid all this gaming complexity, was forgotten and put on the dusty shelves of history with Rockstar’s more assured gameplay policy.

No hope left for Max Payne 4 (is it?):

When we leave Rockstar Games’ game policy and all other reasons aside and look at the console world, we see new game consoles about to be released. With new game consoles, many producers are in search of fresh ideas that will attract players to them. For this reason, if the Remedy game like Control is coming to PS5, or if the classic PS3 game like Demon’s Souls is being remade for PS5, why can’t the Max Payne series games come to PS5?

As many people agree, what the Max Payne series really needs is a remake rather than a new game. This remake might bring Max Payne back to the game world and even drive older than average players to the next generation of consoles. With all these, maybe Rockstar, who has achieved success with the remake, can roll up his sleeves for a new game.

Of course, all these statements remain in theory for the time being. The Max Payne series, which has not made a sound for almost 10 years, seems to remain silent for many years. Meanwhile, Rockstar seems to continue to release numerous add-ons and events for GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Do you think Max Payne 4 will be released? What do you think will be the future of the Max Payne series? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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