4 Key Features That Make ‘FIFA 20’ A Special Game


FIFA 20, the new game of the FIFA series, which comes out every year and has recently been criticized for not putting anything on it, finally comes with significant changes. Volta, which is the biggest innovation of FIFA 20, is the street football mode.

FIFA is a football game that football fans have enjoyed for years. Each year, a new version of the FIFA series is put on top of each series, what is discussed by the players, and for this small number of changes, players pay a considerable amount each year. But this year, FIFA 20 came with some real changes.

Beyond the visual changes and small touches, we look at what major changes the FIFA 20 will come with. Changes such as the return of street football and the improvement of career mode can mean that you will eventually get your money’s worth. Let’s look at the important changes in FIFA 20 together.

Street football returns:

In 2005, FIFA Street was an independent game by EA. That’s why we were surprised that FIFA announced a new street football mode called Volta integrated into the game. Volta mode seems to replace the “Journey” mode of the previous three FIFA series. Together with the Volta mode you will create our own player character, travel the world and struggle to defeat your opponents in the streets. The graphics of the Volta mode are so realistic that we will really feel the street atmosphere.

There will be a significant decrease in the speed of the game:

While speed and aggression were a key feature in a football game, the EA made an interesting decision about slowing down the speed of the game. Footballers will no longer be able to accelerate to absurd degrees and will have to use the ball more to use their abilities. This is actually good news for players familiar with the game, although at first glance it may seem like a negative change.

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When directing players like Leroy Sane, Ronaldo or Salah we often use their speed at throwing the wings away and can easily stand out from the crowd. Slowing down the speed of the game, players in this respect, as well as the speed of the player aims to pass through.

Changes were made in career mode:

The number of people playing FIFA offline is considerable. These new innovations can make you happy if you want to run a team in career mode and play it continuously. In career mode, which hasn’t changed much over the years, every new release only made some visual changes. In the FIFA series, which will be released this year, the filmmakers bring a feature from “Journey ”mode to career mode. You will now be able to interview reporters in career mode before and after the match. In addition, players’ morale will affect their performance on the field.

EA, which has also changed the player’s potential, will take a tune to increase the level of promising players by training. If you don’t play your players who have the potential to become world stars in FIFA 20 in the future, their abilities will be blunted one by one and they will risk losing their potential. This is good news for young actor polishing lovers.

The FUT matches you play with your friends will no longer affect your features:

The FUT matches you enjoyed to have fun with your friends had an impact on the players’ characteristics. In the new FIFA game, this effect disappears and you can easily play your FUT matches with your friends. The great rewards coming to FUT mode can make the game a little more enjoyable.

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In order to receive these great rewards, the game can make interesting requests from us. New requests, such as scoring goals only in a match or just counting the number of goals, can make the match even more enjoyable.

What do you think about these changes? Will you buy FIFA 20? Do not forget to share with us in the comments.

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