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16-yr-old dies of cardiac arrest while playing online game PUBG


PUBG is one of the most talked about games since the game world was released. The PUBG this time was news from a teenager’s death, not in terms of achievements or game performance. He had a heart attack while he was playing PUBG for six hours.

In the incident that occurred in the town of Madhya Pradesh in India, the teenager who played PUBG for six hours on her cell phone died of a heart attack.

According to Harun Rashid Qureshi, Furkhan’s father, the incident took place on May 28th. Harun Rashid Qureshi altı Furkhan started playing games just after lunch and continued for more than six hours. He was very excited before the heart attack and started screaming at other players.

Furkhan was taken to the hospital urgently, but the cardiologist Furkhan’a examining. Ashok Jain said the child didn’t beat his pulse when he came to the hospital and they did everything in their power to bring him back to life.

Furkhan’s family said he was a swimmer and that he did not have any heart problems.


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