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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits $ 17K

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits $ 17K

Bitcoin (BTC) price, which rose with the support of the bulls in the market, saw the level of $ 17,000 today afternoon. BTC, which has valued more than 10 percent in the last seven days, has given hope to Bitcoin investors who expect to see a new record after 2017. BTC / USD, which was almost 20 thousand dollars in December 2017, has approached this level again with its performance in the last few weeks.

Bitcoin (BTC) price surged throughout the week, holding up to $ 16,900 at noon today. Affected by the positive news of corporate companies such as MicroStrategy, PayPal, Square, Bitcoin gained 50 percent in just one month with the support of the bulls. BTC / USD saw the number of $ 17 thousand with the momentum coming today.

Very close to the record of 2017

BTC hit an all-time high in 2017, at almost $ 20,000. While investors were wondering whether Bitcoin could break this record, the BTC price has now begun to approach this level again. Bitcoin, which ran from record to record this year and hovered at the highest levels seen since January 2018, will reach its all-time high again if it is valued at another $ 3,000.

Crypto money analyst Josh Rager, in a tweet he shared yesterday, drew the attention of investors to a possible attack that could be made towards $ 17,000. Rager announced that if the BTC / USD chart closes the day above $ 16,600, the next target will be $ 17,000 and above.

The big obstacle to overcome: 20K dollars

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone announced the biggest obstacle to BTC / USD in a tweet he shared yesterday. McGlone, who makes long-term record predictions for Bitcoin and gold prices, believes that the road from here to $ 20,000 is an uphill slope.

Saying that the hardest obstacle to Bitcoin is to exceed the $ 20,000 number, McGlone expects a more radical rise in the long run. So much so that the famous analyst set a target of $ 1 billion for Bitcoin’s market value.

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