15 percent of German companies are under threat

15 percent of German companies are under threat

While the second wave of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid) pandemic was experienced, compared to June, it was noted that the economic existence of fewer German companies was threatened.

According to the November survey of the Economic Research Institute (Ifo), one of Germany’s important economics and think tanks, 15 percent of the companies in the country are under threat due to the crisis caused by the Kovid-19 outbreak.

In Ifo’s survey in June, the rate of companies that saw their existence under threat due to the health and economic crisis caused by Kovid-19 was announced as 21 percent.

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While the said rate in the manufacturing sector decreased from 17 percent to 11 percent, this rate in the textile sector remained at 20 percent.
The rate of companies that see their assets under threat was 5 percent in the information technology sector, 14 percent in the retail sector and 4 percent in the construction sector.

Klaus Wohlrabe, Director of the Surveys Center of Ifo, stated that this is an improvement compared to June 2020, when this ratio (15 percent) was 21 percent, and said, “Still 86 percent of travel agencies and tour operators, 76 percent of hotels and 62 percent of restaurants now feel their economic assets under threat, “he said.

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