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Volvo VNR Electric introduced! Here are the features

Volvo VNR Electric introduced! Here are the features

Volvo, one of the first automotive companies to come to mind when it comes to safety, has announced its goals for electric vehicles in recent years. In 2025, the company announced that it would increase sales of electric vehicles to 50 percent, and introduced the Volvo VNR Electric model.

Volvo VNR Electric introduced

Volvo, which has a large share in both the car, tow truck and Construction Machinery Market, has made ambitious statements about the electric vehicle. The company, which announced that all of the vehicles to be sold in 2040 will be electric, aims to continue this claim in the attractive market.

It is believed that the new model, which will be available in 4×2 and 6×2 options, will have a high purchase rate in the North American market. 100 orders have already been placed for the model, which will be produced at the New River Valley plant in Virginia.

Volvo has budgeted $ 91 million for the production of electric trucks through the low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) project. The vehicle will receive its power from an electric motor with 5,490 Nm of torque and 455 horsepower.

The model, which will come with a 264 kWh battery, will have a range of 240 km. In addition, a 150kW DC charger will use a fast charging system that provides 80 percent filling in 70 minutes.

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