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Volkswagen ID.5 Coupe to be exclusive to Europe

Volkswagen ID.5 Coupe to be exclusive to Europe

Volkswagen continues to expand its electric product range, the ID family. Aiming to sell more than 1 million zero-emission vehicles per year in 2023, the German manufacturer has attributed most of its mission to ID.4. The sibling of the model, which is expected to be successful in North America, will be exclusive to Europe.

As you know, ID.4 has a sibling that we expect to be named ID.5. This model, which our spies managed to view a while ago, will be sold only in European territory, according to Automotive News Europe.

Citing Thomas Ulbrich, head of Volkswagen’s electric car department, as a source, our colleagues shared that Ulbrich stated that he had no plans to sell the ID.5 outside of Europe.

The model, which we describe as “ID.5 Coupe” due to its sloping roof line, has a much more traditional appearance than its sibling. The model, which we viewed at the Nürburgring last month, is planned to be available for sale next year.

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