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Two Thieves Hacked Tesla in Only 30 Seconds

Two Thieves Hacked Tesla in Only 30 Seconds

Electric vehicles can be common vehicles on the roads in the medium term with the opportunities and conveniences offered to the user. How safe are these vehicles? When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is one of the first companies that comes to mind.

A video recorded by the smart home security system recorded the moment when two thieves in the UK kidnapped a Tesla. It took only thirty seconds for thieves to hack and kidnap Tesla. The image shows one of the thieves approaching the front of the house with a backpack on his chest, holding cables with both hands. The second of the thieves is standing next to the vehicle to enter the doors.

Hack attack

According to the news in Business Insider, thieves resort to a commonly used method to trick Tesla. In this method used by thieves, the vehicle thinks that the thieves have the right key. The cable from one of the thieves transmits the “friendly” signal emitted from the real car key, which is probably the real key in front of the door.

The reason why this method works is the “passive input” feature in Tesla. Thanks to this feature, the car’s locks are opened when the owner approaches the vehicle.

Password protection

It is not known how accurate this video is because Business Insider and Daily Mail, the sources of the news, have not yet been able to verify the video. In the past, however, there have been examples of this type of Tesla owners being careful.

Against such circumstances, Tesla announced a four-digit optional PIN last year. With this feature, the vehicle’s touch screen could not be moved without entering the correct password. It is not known whether the PIN is used in the vehicle in this event.


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