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Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 recalled due to fire risk

Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 recalled due to fire risk

The Toyoya Supra and BMW Z4 are getting ready to be recalled. The models pose a fire risk, according to new findings discovered by the National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is also stated that there is no loss of life or property due to this problem for now.

According to the details in NHTSA’s official documents, the gasoline tanks of the models are welded incorrectly. All BMW Z4 models produced between 25 June 2019 – 9 July 2020 and Toyota Supra produced between 19 April 2019 – 16 July 2020 will be recalled in this context.

It is stated that the problem arises from the weakness of the source. When this source is exposed to intense heat, it can crack and cause the gas tank to empty. It’s also clear that high temperatures and gasoline don’t get along very well.

According to official data, 49 models in total will need to be recalled. Of the total, 14 are BMW Z4s, while the remaining 35 are Toyota Supras. Brands will change the fuel tank for free.

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