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Tesla Model S and Model X design claim to be renewed

Tesla Model S and Model X design claim to be renewed

Tesla, which launched the Model S in 2012, had not radically changed the Model S since 2016, with the exception of performance improvements. The company announced that Tesla Model S and Model X production will be stopped for a while. After the announcement, the possibility of a design change in both models came to mind.

Tesla Model S and Model X are on the agenda with a design change

Tesla, which encouraged automotive giants to produce electric vehicles with its successes in a short time, entered the electric vehicle market with its first vehicle, the Roadster model. Due to the transfer of the investment to Model 3, the changes planned for the Model S in 2018 were canceled.

It was announced that the Model 3 and Model Y production lines will be shut down from December 24 to January 4. Stating that the Model S and Model X production lines will be closed between December 24 and January 11, Tesla has not yet explained why the time is kept long.

Considering that Model S sales have dropped significantly, it is thought that the company is working to renew the design. It is also known that the company has increased prices and extended delivery times for Model S and Model X, which it will ship to Europe in recent months.

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