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Submarine taxi service from Uber: scUber


ScUber, Australia’s Great Barrier Reefs; Tourism and Events will partner with Queensland to begin passenger transportation. The submarine will be called from the Uber app as it calls the taxi vehicle.

Uber introduced scUber submarine service in Australia. Tourism Customers will be able to travel to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef under the partnership of the state of Queensland. As with Uber’s current service, users will be able to call ‘submarine cabs’ from their mobile phone application and walk around in one of the world’s most interesting underwater locations for an hour. The service fee for 2 people was announced as $ 2070.

The ScUber service can be booked from the Uber application. The difference between this service and the taxi service is that the fare is not made as a distance but by tour. Pricing is $ 1000 per person. As each dive is made with two people, the price is doubled. The service fee for 2 people was announced as $ 2070.


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