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New tire models can be used on Tesla vehicles

New tire models can be used on Tesla vehicles

Tesla vehicles, which renew their equipment day by day, can use new tire models. Let’s look at all the details on the subject together.

The posts made by a channel called Engineering Explained revealed the idea that new tire models can be used in Tesla vehicles. The presenter explained what the use of thick rubber sidewalls could change.

Range is seen as the biggest problem in cars, especially electric vehicles. Even though Tesla models had advanced technological infrastructure, charging problem could still arise. Unfortunately, when the charge was not sufficient, the vehicles could not go to the desired place.

A different system can be used in Tesla vehicles

In the post by this company, the effect of wheel diameter on range was calculated. The study revealed that the use of thick sidewall tires actually provided 65 kilometers more performance and range.

In trials with Tesla vehicles, it turned out to be meaningful to use tires with larger sidewalls instead of cars with larger wheels. In addition, tires with large sidewalls provide an advantage in terms of emission values.

Tesla company often has a close relationship with such channels. Elon Musk takes these or similar suggestions into consideration in general. Low charge and high range are among the biggest targets of the company since its establishment. The firm was known to be seeking to increase the furthest the vehicle could go.

With new tire changes, Tesla vehicles can perform at least 85 kilometers better. We can probably hear new news about Tesla car tires soon.

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