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New Mercedes SL AMG photos released

New Mercedes SL AMG photos released

Recently, the company published a video from the 2021 S-Class cabin. Camouflage photos of the new Mercedes SL AMG model were published. AMG GT will not have similar functions as a model design developed on the same platform.

New Mercedes SL AMG photos released

The company did not share any information, as the new model is still under development. “After comprehensive digital development, test work and tests of the simulator, the authorities underwent large-scale dynamic tests.

Despite the fact that the technical specifications are not yet clear, it is assumed that the new model will receive power from the 3.0-liter EQ-Boost I6 engine or 4.0-liter two-stroke turboprop V8. There are rumors that the new model will be released hybrid to match trends.

The Audi V10 Spyder model with a 5.2-liter atmospheric R8 engine SL AMG, despite camouflage, attracts the attention of its aggressive position.

There are suggestions that the new generation roadster will come with a soft ceiling instead of the existing hard ceiling and 4 chairs instead of 2. The company has not yet made a launch announcement. However, given that it is under development, it is assumed that the new model will not appear until 2022.

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