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Mercedes and Geely join forces for electric Smart

Mercedes and Geely join forces for electric Smart

Smart was the first manufacturer to renew all models with an electric motor last year. Smart’s roofing company Mercedes has signed an important collaboration to achieve its long-term goals.

Mercedes was chosen by him as the Chinese partner Geely. The German automotive giant will continue to design Smart branded cars. Geely, who also owns Volvo, will assume responsibility for production and engineering.

For this purpose, the joint company established by two manufacturers “smart Automobile Co., Ltd.” is the name. The parties are expected to invest approximately $ 780 million in this company. The aim of the collaboration is to expand Smart’s current electric car portfolio. New vehicles are targeted to set out in the world in 2022.

It is unlikely that all cars bearing the Mercedes brand will become electrified in the short term. However, the investments made by Mercedes under different brands such as Smart show that the German automotive giant attaches great importance to this market.

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