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Lamborghini brand can be sold


The Volkswagen boss wants the Lamborghini brand to be disposed of or the stock market to be made more profitable. Labor unions support this decision.

Lamborghini brand can be sold

The name Lamborghini reminds us of the super strong sports cars of the Italian school, but is actually a sub-brand of the German Volkswagen group. VW, the owner of the brand for 20 years, is considering disposing of the brand within the scope of restructuring.

Critical decision

According to sources close to the company, the Lamborghini brand purchased in 1998 is planned to be sold. Since VW wants to focus on VW, Porsche and Audi brands in the coming period, it aims to prevent unnecessary costs. Herbert Diess, the company’s boss, wants to increase the brand value from 80 billion euros to 200 billion euros.

The Lamborghini brand, which was paid around $ 100 million 21 years ago, is expected to reach up to $ 11 billion after a possible sale. Lamborghini is in the process of moving from a pure sports car concept to a wide range of sporting vehicles, which is receiving positive reviews. The new SUV model Urus is constantly increasing sales. The revamped Aventador and a new hybrid super car will further increase revenues next year.

Another option in front of VW is to open the brand to the stock market. In this way, the value of the brand will be increased significantly. Whichever option is accepted, VW is determined to take action and work is underway to make Lamborghini a separate subsidiary within the company.

The Ferrari NV brand, which was once under the Fiat group, has now reached $ 30 billion. This is the biggest example of VW. However, it is known that the board of directors did not approve the sale of Bugatti, which was previously raised. On the other hand, the strong trade unions of the brand want strictly separating the sports car sections. The winner will also determine the future of the VW brand.

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