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KIA unveils new logo and slogan

KIA unveils new logo and slogan

It has been known for over a year that the famous automotive company KIA will change its logo and slogan, but when the transition will be made was a question mark. The company clarified this issue. The new KIA logo and slogan were officially announced. The company will start using its new identity in the new year.

Kia’s new slogan is ‘Movement that inspires’

Last year, at the Geneva Motor Show, KIA showed that it will change the shell at some points. One of the steps taken in this context was the logo and slogan change. Company; It will use the slogan “Inspiring Action” instead of the “Power of Surprise” slogan.

The new KIA logo has not changed as sharply as the slogan, but has changed to a certain extent. In the previous logo of the company, the letters were separate from each other and more readable. In the new logo, the letters are united with each other and more emphasis is placed on aesthetic appearance. You can see the company’s new logo below.

It is not yet clear on which vehicle the new logo will be used. However, it is thought that the new logo and slogan can be seen on the KIA K7 Cadenza model, which is expected to receive the first orders in February.

Behind these steps taken by the company lies the orientation towards “electric vehicles” in their future plans. In the transition to the electric age in the automobile industry, KIA reflects this transformation to its brand identity.

The brand shared its official announcement video on YouTube

KIA has posted promotional videos for its new logo and slogan on YouTube. You can watch the video of the announcement of the logo below.

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