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Detail that made Lewis Hamilton history in Istanbul: Cinturato Green Tires


After 9-year hiatus from Formula 1 in Turkey, it was the colorful scenes in Istanbul. But what made this race unique was the world championship of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton made this victory with Cinturato green tires, which he used for 50 laps without changing.

Turkey, late last week it hosted one of the world’s largest motor sport event. Intercity Istanbul Park, located in Istanbul, reopened its doors for Formula 1 races after exactly 9 years. Although the spectators Racing Formula 1 fans in Turkey, nine years after the event were more than happy to come to Turkey.

As a matter of fact, the race was full of excitement from start to finish. But the highlight of the race was undoubtedly the victory of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Because this victory had made Hamilton the world champion for a total of seven and the fourth consecutive time. In addition, this victory enabled the legendary pilot Michael Schumacher’s record to go to Hamilton. So what’s behind this success of Lewis Hamilton?

Hamilton’s secret: Cinturato green tires

Detail that made Lewis Hamilton history in Istanbul: Cinturato Green Tires

Lewis Hamilton complained about the track, especially after the qualifying race on Saturday. The champion, who managed to be sixth in the qualification competition, clearly stated that he did not like the track conditions. But Formula 1 fans faced a completely different Hamilton on Sunday. In the first eight laps of the race, the driver used blue logo tires for fully wet surfaces, and for all remaining 50 laps he used Cinturato tires with a green logo. These tires were among the most important factors that made Hamilton the star of Istanbul.

Formula 1 Grand Prix of Turkey, pilots almost all blue logo appeared on the runway with tires. The pilots Latifi and Russell, who only competed for Williams, had used green tires at the beginning of the race. Hamilton entered the pit at the end of the first 8 laps and switched to green Pirelli tires. Hamilton, who did not change tires again until the end of the race, used these tires for 50 laps. However, the tires in question were not zero. Tires used 3 rounds before, took Hamilton to the top with 53 laps in total.

The left version of the tires with a total of 50 laps was reflected on the cameras:

Detail that made Lewis Hamilton history in Istanbul: Cinturato Green Tires

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