Dacia unveils new logo design

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Dacia also participated in the brands that renewed the logo as part of the operation to renew the brand identity. All Dacia models will use this new logo from the second half of 2022. Here are the details:

Dacia unveils new logo design

In light of the news that emerged last April, we have conveyed to our esteemed readers that Dacia can renew its brand identity and logo. The “economical” brand within the Renault Group officially introduced the logo we mentioned today.

According to a statement from Dacia, the company’s new visual identity stands out with a new logo and emblem, indicators of a different and ambitious brand. These two new designs were created in-house by the ‘Design Team’, which has been guiding Dacia since day one and trying to emphasize the essence of the brand. The logo, which is at the center of the new visual identity, evokes an ever-present sense of solidity and balance. The inverted images of each other, the letters ‘D’ and ‘C’, are changed to bring the brand’s compact and intelligent spirit to the forefront. The geometric lines of the logo give the sequence of letters a mechanical sense of movement.

The new Dacia logo reflects the essence of the logo by combining the letters ‘D’ and ‘C’, like the rings of the chain, which have a strong and harmonious relationship between them. The new easily receding Dacia logo highlights the brand as a powerful and meaningful symbol. These two simple and easily understood new designs reflect the robust structure of the Dacia models used by millions of consumers every day. Especially the downsized graphic design elements underline that Dacia is a brand that focuses on basic requirements.

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Dacia unveils new logo design 1

Each piece creates new opportunities for more digital content while adapting to others to create harmonious integrity. The new graphic design elements, just like the brand itself, are quite robust and flexible. The arrow-shaped letter “D” in the logo points to the whole design, while its face highlights the feeling of movement created by a future-oriented brand. Dacia is also inspired by nature with her new colors.

Dacia’s new brand identity will be implemented through brand-specific sites, advertisements, and brochures starting in June 2021. Starting in early 2022, Dacia outlets will gradually move to new brand identity. Starting in the second half of 2022, Dacia models will also use new logos and emblems. The first model to carry the logo in question will be the mass production version of the  Bigster concept, which stands out for its design.

Dacia signaled that she was going to change the logo when she introduced the Bigster concept. Check out photos of the Bigster concept bearing the new logo in the gallery below.

Dacia unveils new logo design 2

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