Dacia joins the logo change wind

Dacia was founded in 1966 as a result of a tender opened by the Romanian government; It is named after Dachya, which means ancient Romanian territory. Since 1999, it has been producing under the roof of The French giant Renault.

Dacia, the car manufacturer that has been using the same logo since 2008; Kia decided to change its logo after rivals such as Peugeot and GM changed their logos. Here’s the new logo.

Dacia changed her logo! Here’s the new logo

When we look at Dacia’s new logo, the silver background is the first detail that stands out it disappears completely. The logo, which was switched to a minimalist design; As with all other major brands, it is said to represent the transition to electric vehicles. The logo will also be available in 2022, according to the statement.

How do you like the new logo? Will other automakers change their logos? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

Renault unveils new logo

The car market, which comes up with a new design approach, stands out with its 2D logo designs. Introducing its concept cars at the Renaulution event, Renault came up with a new logo inspired by its logo, which it introduced in 1925.

KIA unveils new logo and slogan

Last year, at the Geneva Motor Show, the KIA showed that at some points it would go shell-changing. One of the steps taken in this context was the change of logo and slogan. The company said: “We are not Instead of the slogan ‘The Bewildering Force’, he will use the slogan ‘Inspiring Movement’.

The KIA’s new logo has not changed as sharply as the slogan but to a certain extent. In the company’s previous logo, the letters were separate and more legible. In the new logo, the letters are combined and more attention is paid to aesthetic appearance.

French carmaker Peugeot renews its logo

According to a statement by Peugeot, which has redefined its personality and character with its new logo, the company is opening a new chapter in its history. Since 1850, Peugeot has unveiled its 11th logo, designed by its global design studio Peugeot Design Lab, with 10 different logos always bearing the lion’s emblem.

AFTER KIA, GM changed its logo

GM, which has made radical changes only 5 times in its 113-year history, opted for a more minimal logo this time. While the previous logo consisted of uppercase letters, the use of lowercase letters with softer lines in the new logo was the highlight.

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