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Buran 4×4 Armored Vehicle Can Withstand a 600g TNT Blast

Buran 4×4 Armored Vehicle Can Withstand a 600g TNT Blast

RIDA, a company that specializes in armored transportation and evacuation vehicles, unveils the Buran 4×4, which combines a powerful chassis elements with near impenetrable protection. It uses box-shaped modules to increase structural strength, complete with reinforced openings and overlapped designs that protect anyone inside. The vehicle has B6-level and STANAG Level-2 protection, which means it can easily sustain blasts of up to 600g TNT.

It may look a bit spartan, but it still has a functional air conditioning and heating system, while offering point locks, gun ports, as well as hatches for all-around visibility. The reinforced body also protects it from 5.56mm / 7.62mm assault rifle rounds, land mines and ambush-protection from underneath. Thanks to its heavy duty suspension, it can traverse a variety of rough terrain, including open water up to 5-feet.

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