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BMW’s M8 Gran Coupe Si Designed in Digital Environment

BMW’s M8 Gran Coupe Si Designed in Digital Environment

Just a few minutes after the company’s official announcement, a designer designed the M8 Gran Coupe digitally.

Just a few days after BMW officially announced that the 8 Series Gran Coupe is ready for production, a designer decided to take a look at the future of the new car by rendering the flagship M8. In fact, although the preview was made a few years ago, this new digital design is closer to the reality.

All you need to do to visualize the M8 Gran Coupe is to combine the M850i’s exterior with the M8 Coupe’s visuals. The car seems to give fans more excitement than the M5 / M5 Competition.

The digital design of the vehicle has a more masculine exterior than the M5, fine-tuning M-fittings and a luxurious interior design. What’s really important is that we can look at the M8 Coupe and the M5 Competition to give you some idea of ​​the price of the car. The value of these two vehicles was $ 133,000 and $ 110,000, respectively, and the four-door version of the M8 Coupe is more expensive.

The standard and Competition versions of the M8 Gran Coupe are expected to be released later this year or early 2020.


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