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BMW Apologizes for Mocking Statements on Twitter


A post by BMW on Twitter caused a mess. Using the sarcastic phrase “OK. Boomer” in its post, BMW had to apologize for the reaction of the consumers.

Germany-based automotive giant BMW, which is the dreams of automobile enthusiasts, is currently in an interesting discussion. The company has been changing the designs of its vehicles for a while. This is something everyone knows. The company is trying to announce this situation to more consumers by sharing it on its social media accounts. But BMW fans were not happy with this change, causing a stir. BMW’s response sparked further backlash from the company. As such, the company, which had to take a step back, apologized by making a statement on the issue.

It all started with a tweet BMW posted on November 15th. The company said in this tweet, “OK. Boomer” after the “What is your excuse not to change?” she asked. This post made BMW fans even more angry. So much so that the 812 negative comments that came under tweets put the company into an even more impasse. It was these negative comments that forced BMW to apologize.

A cynical approach that the phrase “OK. Boomer” has gone viral since 2019

BMW Apologizes for Mocking Statements on Twitter

ARROW. Boomer is an internet phrase that has been in our lives for a while. This word, especially used by young people, is often used for ridicule. As such, BMW’s use of this term created the impression of being ridiculed by consumers. Realizing the situation in a short time, the company resolved misunderstandings.

“Our aim was not to break a heart”

BMW stated that they listen to everyone regardless of their age, and that their aim is not to offend anyone in 812 negative comments. BMW’s apology was accepted by many consumers, preventing the event from getting bigger.

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