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2021 Toyota Mirai introduced in the US, on sale in December

2021 Toyota Mirai introduced in the US, on sale in December

The second generation Toyota Mirai will be available in certain parts of the world as of December. The United States version of Japan’s zero-emission sedan has finally shown its face.

The car, which looks exactly the same as the one to be sold in Japan, has a more “normal” stance compared to its predecessor. The stylish sedan, which attracts attention with its wide and low dimensions, will be sold in the USA in two hardware packages, XLE and Limited.

Toyota has not yet shared technical data on the 2021 Mirai, but we know that the vehicle is out of the new rear-wheel drive platform. The Japanese brand, which does not mention the details of the power unit consisting of hydrogen fuel cells, promises to increase the range by around 30%.

Considering that the current Mirai travels 502 km on paper, it seems possible that the new version can travel 653 km with a full hydrogen tank.

Toyota USA has put the Safety Sense 2.5+ family of driving safety systems in the standard equipment in the 2021 Mirai. The dynamic radar adaptive cruise control system called DRCC can adjust the distance to the vehicle in front at all speeds and has a stop / go feature. Note that the overtaking assistant is also included in the package.

The prices of the 2021 Mirai, which offers ventilated seats, panoramic glass roof, authority curtain and many other equipment, have not been announced yet.

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