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2021 Audi A3 viewed

2021 Audi A3 viewed

Audi A3, which is a highly sold car in our country, was displayed with its new design. The 2021 Audi A3 stands out with its design. And what about the new Audi A3?

2021 Audi A3 viewed without makeup

Camouflage-free photos of the new A3 model of German carmaker Audi have emerged.

The new Audi A3, which attracts car enthusiasts, comes with an interesting design.

It’s interesting because the car has a completely surrounding lane, except the front bumper.

There is no information as to whether these strips will be removed before they are sold.

There are no leaks in the car’s technical specifications, but Audi is not expected to offer a new engine option.

The new A3, which we expect to be introduced in the last quarter of 2020, is planned to be on the roads as of 2021.

Any information about the expected price of the car is not leaked.

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