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Harley Davidson Signed Electric Bikes Coming


Harley Davidson, who tries to capture the next generation of technologies with his electric bikes, is now working on electric bikes. After completing the prototype work, Harley Davidson will launch its new products soon.

Harley Davidson, the US-based motorcycle giant, is one of the companies that continues to follow technological developments closely. Harley Davidson, who recently announced his work on electric motorcycles, is now working on electric bicycles.

Harley Davidson, who shares a photo of the electric bikes he is working on, announced that the prototypes of his new toys are ready and he is working on the electric bicycle models.

Here are electric bikes developed by Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Signed Electric Bikes Coming

In fact, these prototypes from Harley Davidson appeared more than a year ago, but now electric bikes are in their final shape and will be released later.

A closer look at this photo shared by Harley Davidson reveals that there is only one brake on the handlebars of these electric bikes. This brings to mind that some dynamic systems used in Harley Davidson’s electric bikes and motorcycles can be used. Harley Davidson, however, did not explain the characteristics of these electric bikes.

Harley Davidson has not yet announced when these products will be released and what the price will be. However, it is expected that the latest work on bicycles will be completed and the bicycles will be launched soon.


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